About Us

A journey of 30 years….

Sunday mornings in 1990’s Manila were almost always punctuated by a visit to Le Ching Tea House for us. 

Aesthetics were not the reason for the pilgrimage - plastic chairs and chipped formica tables were the décor and the soundtrack, a creaky air con trying to cope with tropical heat. But step inside and the smell of star anise flavoured beef brisket broth hanging heavy in the air gave an idea of what was in store. 

Almost before we sat down we would place our first order - radish cake and chilli crisp...we were here to eat and alongside the homestyle soups and dim sum, we were here to eat the chilli. 

The memory of that experience has lived long. So long that when the Red Panda takeaways opened, we knew we needed the lift of the accompaniments as much as the main food, to create something unique. A 3-part combination of flavourful chilli, a hint of spice and just a waft of the Szechuan numbing mala was our objective. Too much spice destroys the flavour, and too much mala overpowers the food, it was this delicate balance that we tried to recreate.  

And 7 years on, with an almost cult following Red Panda Chilli Crisp has emerged from these years of memories, experiences and experiments to bring you the ultimate condiment that truly ‘goes on anything’.